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    Support for public welfare!!! [love to pass: his firm employee care fund]

    His firm is proposed according to the advocacy and care fund chairman and all the employees of the company, organized by the company of a pure public good care fund. The spirit of give meager strength, help the staff and social vulnerable groups have difficulty changed the purpose, to care and help the employees and their families living difficulties, poor emergency. People in prison of his brotherly affection and warmth of the big family, resulting in his jail solidarity spirit not only exists in every history. The hearts of the staff, and the reality is around in our lives as the guiding ideology, the fund has been trying to love.
    The main source of his prison staff care fund are the following:
    1, the whole enterprise employee of the month 18 days of not less than 1 yuan donation (donations in each order settlement)
    2, every year to 300000 yuan of fixed donation.
    3, the company through advocacy partners or customers money (financial department set up a "love fund" account).
    4, donation details (direct companies, donations, donation amount will be unified) quarterly to the company publicly announced.
    5, the fund follows the principle of voluntary donations, the amount is not limited, many ages, advocacy group staff actively donated, given the need to support partners and social people who need care, warm warm; encourage them to do the strong life, a firm belief in life.
    The main recipients of care fund is divided into the following categories:
    1, internal staff or their immediate family members (spouse, children, parents) major diseases, natural calamities and man-made misfortunes and other people who need help.
    The 2 Congress of trade unions, by the principle of majority of volunteers to determine the need to social groups.
    3, if a person or a branch to the "love fund" publish or promote individual donor activities, shall be subject to the approval before implementation.
    4, the temporary proposal by trade unions organized a temporary donation. Now care fund as it started, can only play a bit, but it is the spirit of the great. Now it can not be like some other large funds to help a lot of people, a lot of attention to the social vulnerable, it can only do as much as possible to help the people around him, his partner. This power is very small, but to create a new corporate culture, a harmonious home. Let the employee of the company, feel the warmth, love, but also to the company's employees to help people, warm people. From the beginning to care, social indifference, rejection and apathy. With a heart full of love. Pass love, begin from me, and let all the people to join in. No commercial mode of operation, is a pure public good. Care fund no heroic spirit cried out with a loud voice, what you can do for society, his firm can do is to make the greatest ability to let employees in sickness and disaster does not become a burden on the family, the burden, the burden of the society. Care for every employee, is our social responsibility. If one day in prison, his strong enough, his prison care fund will take the initiative to enlarge its loving, caring for all the people who need help.


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